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Learn how Mind & Water’s insightful & reflective books raise self-esteem, well-being, and intuition in both children and adults.

Gabriell Glans, CEO of Mind & Water and an author, turned to Art to Business’ CEO through Instagram, asking for suggestions on illustrators for her upcoming adult mandala coloring book that inspires inner reflection. We initially assisted with illustrations for this first book and after that continued working together on her next 4 books. We assisted with every step of the way -  from proofreading, illustrations and covers, design, printing, and much more!

Mandalas for inner reflections

The first book - “Mandalas for Inner Reflections” is a very unique book that inspires the reader to color beautiful mandalas inspired by nature, well-being & water, while also reflecting on thoughtful quotes on the page next to it - connecting the mind. There are also lines for you to write down your reflections and thoughts while coloring to gain new valuable insights and be able to wind down and relax.

This idea came from Gabriell’s own love for mandalas and coloring, having found it to help her well-being, but the often simple print-out-mandalas didn’t offer the full experience of owning your own books with unique illustrations inspired by nature and the reflective part that increase your well-being even more. This book delivers the full experience!

If you’re a creative person who loves coloring mandalas, or are looking for a new way to unwind after a hectic day, let this book be the first step to a more sustainable life. 


Children’s books

Gabriell was very happy with the collaboration and illustrations of her first book, prompting us to work together on her upcoming 4 children’s books. These books are now published and available for purchase too! Here’s some information about them:

Each book tells a story about a child facing everyday problems, like how to make decisions on what dress to wear,  or how to wait on your turn. The main characters all live in different family constellations and while reading you’ll teach your child how to solve problems and think when faced with an obstacle in situations they can relate to.

The stories are not just fun and insightful, they also depict different struggles in a subtle way, from a tight economic situation at home to absent parents and various emotions or thoughts that a child experiences. In the end - the problem is solved and a lesson is learned!

The books are called:

Esther’s dresses

Nellie’s new habit

Oliver goes to the bike shop

When should you drink water? Asks Anne

...and can be purchased directly from Mind & water and are available in multiple languages (Swedish, English & Spanish). By buying directly from the author, you’re supporting an independent small business aiming to make the world a better place - one book at a time.


Read below what Gabriell has to say about working with us:

“With Art to Business, you’ll find structure, planning, and excellent communication. They can help you solve many things in a neat way with a nice, friendly approach. Professionalism, service, and honesty are also things I find and experience when getting assistance here. I’m very happy and satisfied with my collaborations with Art to Business. I highly recommend them."

Do you also have an idea for a book or an illustration you want to turn into reality?

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